Fancy a trip to the salon?

Fancy a trip to the salon? The exciting news is that I’m now back cutting hair in Soho every Monday at Viva on Lexington Street (don’t worry, I’m still the cycling hairdresser for the rest of the week). Viva is the hottest independant salon in Soho, and you can book appointments through me from 10am to 7pm. I’ll be offering all the usual cuts, colour and treatments (in addition to a soothing head massage). There are some great places to shop, eat and drink in the vicinity, so why not head up West and make a day (or evening) of it?


Viva My Hair

Viva My Hair


Shoot or not to Shoot

Session styling is an exciting area of hairdressing. Over the past year i've had the opportunity to work on TOTPs cutting and styling Rudimental including John Newman, Russian Vogue at a very opulent apartment in Mayfair and Times magazine.

It's fantastic working along side photographer's, make-up artists and stylists. This compliments my love for hairdressing however my focus lies in private work, I love the relationship developed over time with regular customers. 

Hair and Architecture

Vidal Sassons biggest influence was architecture he experimented in angular and geometric haircuts that drew from modern European architects such as Bauhaus. I took this idea when approaching Marti's hair with strong lines and a simple shape, creating structure which means longevity in a haircut. 


Nail Polish for no nonsense women

For 2013 i've branched out into permanent nail polish. I was attracted to it as they work well for the life style of a more practical woman as it's chip proof for 2-3 weeks. 

This technology steels 'acrylics' traditional fake nails viscous resin which are ultra durable, they're too ugly and thick to pass as natural. Permanent lacquers (also 'soft gels' or 'soak off polish') a thinner highbred of acrylic paste, are as pliable as regular paint, but once set under ultraviolet light form a lasting bond which won't chip and has no drying time. 

Please email for more info